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Why YOU should hire us:

Save yourself time and Money 

All Laborers are background checked

No hidden fees - Flat rate of $20 /hr per laborer, plus sales tax

what does labor loft do:

We connect home and business owners with general laborers. As long as you can provide the necessary tools and instructions for a task, they will handle the rest. Labor Loft is an extra pair of hands, when you need them most.

Have a shovel but you don't want to shovel the driveway?                          Schedule a gig. 

You want to rearrange your furniture?                          Schedule a gig. 

You have a ton of Amazon packages that need opened/discarded?                          Schedule a gig. 



Knock out that to do list with Labor Loft!  

How to hire a laborer:

Go to your app store

Dowload "Labor Loft"

The app will prompt you from there

Contact Us

12610 #27 Triskett Rd. Cleveland OH 44111

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