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Why Choose Labor Loft?

Do you want to support your community without overspending? If yes, then Labor Loft is the best medium for connecting you to affordable labor close to home. We have a set rate of $20 per hour that beats any large company who charges you for their equipment and labor. Those same companies would charge more, even for the smaller tasks that do not take much time.


We look out for the well-being of both our customers and workers by fully vetting workers before hiring them. This is accomplished by a background check and interview so you do not have to.

Many companies in the “gig economy” incorrectly categorize their workers as independent contractors so that they can reap the benefits of less taxes and nearly no workers rights.

Those we do hire, are hired on as employees, not independent contractors.


  • Set rate of $20 per hour

  • Saves you money instead of hiring a large company to do small tasks

  • Our workers can help with nearly any job within moral and ethical reason

  • We background check and interview before hiring workers so you do not have to.

  • We do not exploit independent contractors, our workers are employees

  • Convenient

  • Helping local community by teaching them new skills

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12018 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106

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